1. It cracks me up, though it does not surprise me that my last blog entry was on day 1 of my sabbatical. Here I am, 2/3 of the way through and already planning for the return to work, and it has been a super busy summer!

    Ever since the little guy learned to crawl, pull himself up and cruise around the apartment on his own (while seeming to nearly injure himself every second that my hand is not on him) - life has gotten so busy again that it reminds me of the earliest days of parenthood. Gone are the days of carefree showering and tooth brushing while the babe is not asleep.

    The summer has been really good though, and our guy has been blossoming into quite the charming little gentleman. Just today he started saying “Ra” (for Mira, his cousin). Yesterday he learned to say “Cece” for his friend Cecelia Swisher. He is also mastering “Pa” for “Grampa”. His other words include “Plane”, “Brrr” (for bird), “Fshhh” (for fish), “Cat”, “Dada”, “Mama”, “Nana” (sometimes nana-na-na-na), “Poop”, “Puff” (for his cereal puffs), “Ru-ru-ru-ru-ru” (for when we try to make him run and say ‘run-run-run-run-run.)

    His favorite things to do include: Holding 2 of anything (cat puzzle pieces, 2 socks, 2 diapers, 2 blocks, 2 spoons, 2 pairs of pjamas on hangers, you name it! ) reading the Little Gorilla (his favorite book), playing with his Dada and Grampa, playing peek-a-boo with his blanket, showing us how big he is (SO BIG!) And, now this week -walking all over the house using his wooden crocodile walker.

    Tonight we headed down to our favorite summer spot this year - Brooklyn Bridge Park for a stroll, some Jasper time on the swings and at the crawling park, and a sunset pizza dinner on the rooftop of Fornino overlooking the East River and Manhattan skyline.

    Here are some silly pictures taken during our adventures tonight with my folks. (Note on the last picture: keeping a baby busy at a restaurant usually involves looking for any and all disposable dishware - plastic plates, cups, napkins - to entertain Jasper. I left the table for a few minutes and came back to this scene - my dad had carved a paper plate mask for them to play with.)



  3. Day 1 of sabbatical.

    After 12 years at Human Rights Watch - I have the whole summer off for sabbatical! I had been saving this time for when I had a little guy to run around with and I am so glad it is finally here. I have been dreaming of having more time with him, and to be able to work on my own creative pursuits.

    Day 1 was pretty great. My body and mind were a bit out of synch with the day, as I am so used to getting an email every 5 minutes and talking to adults all day. Yesterday it was just me and the dude. Crawling around, waving at the cat, hitting the splash park, eating (and not eating) and clapping hands together. I missed the adult interaction a little - but it was shocking and sad to me to think how much of Jasper’s life I’ve already missed.

    Yesterday at the splash park he was a copy cat for all of the big kids. There were 2 boys - and every time they would scream “woo hoo” in the water, Jasper would follow with a “wooooooo!” Every time I would splash the water with my feet and stop in the puddle, Jas would do the same. It was pretty adorable!

    Oh, and before I forget - Jasper stood up for the first time - unassisted last week at Mom and Dad’s house. Nana and Grampa had him for 10 minutes and he decided to stand for 10 seconds straight! It was Saturday July 5.



  5. Our little sunshine started crawling forward last week and today he is crawling with a mission! His other new tricks include perfecting the “How big is Jasper? So big!” and his response to “When you’re happy and you know it clap your hands!” This age is so sweet! What makes it even sweeter is knowing how fast he’s growing and trying to savor each second.



  9. 9 months is a very sweet age. He’s sillier and more cuddly than ever - and it’s easier than ever to get him to smile. His favorite things include crawling backwards, clapping hands and waving “hi” at the cat every chance he can get.


  11. Summer is here! Today we realized that we hadn’t mowed the lawn since just before Jasper was born. It was a long, cold winter and today it is 85 degrees and sunny in New York. Time to gather friends around, burn some things on the grill and crack open that bottle of Rose I’ve been saving for this special occasion. I am so looking forward to the warm summer days with a silly little 8 month old + warm summer nights hanging out in the yard with my sweetheart.


  13. Our trip to Turks and Caicos


  15. A month of firsts! Since this blog is acting as a baby book of sorts, I wanted to record a few details to remember!

    First time rolling over : February 10, 2014

    First time sitting up: March 31, 2014

    First tooth: April 21, 2014  (The same day, he started saying “t” whenever he saw the cat.)

    First word: Dada - April 28, 2014


  17. Look what I can do! Jasper is 6 months and 3 weeks old, and he’s been getting a lot done in the last few weeks.

    About 2 weeks ago, he started pushing up into the “cobra” pose while on his belly. This is accompanied by lots of grunting noises, as if he’s a heavyweight champion - lifting 300lbs.

    Last weekend he realized that he’s able to sit up pretty much unassisted. (Well, sort of..) he topples over from time to time, but usually laughs when he falls over and thinks it’s hilarious.

    I can not get enough of his hair these days as well. His head feels like fuzzy baby duck feathers (so soft) and it’s perpetually standing straight up!

    It’s hard to believe that I’ve already been back at work for 3 months. We’re in our routine now, and it’s a good feeling to know he’s safe and happy at home when I’m not with him. Now that the sunshine has emerged, it’s a bit painful to board the subway each morning knowing that our amazing, incredible care giver will be out at the park with Jas watching him giggle on the swing for the day and make friends at the playground - but at the same time, it’s good that I don’t have to give up all that I’ve accomplished over the span of my career. I do love my job, and am so thankful for the flexibility they have given me to be at home with Jasper a couple of days a week (even if I’m working.

    All that being said, sunny Fridays are the BEST! 


  19. Coming home from work is so gratifying these days. The sun still stays out for a few hours after I get home, Jasper beams from ear to ear when he sees me - and he is more fun than ever to play with. He’s been spending the day outside park-hopping and going on the swing with his amazing care giver, Dawn - so by the end of the day he is just loving life.

    I took this photo tonight when I went outside to check on our newly planted tulips. I have a feeling that Jasper is going to love watering the garden with me in a couple of years.

    After a stressful few months, today we got some very good news. I’m going to hold on to today for as long as I can.